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I am just going to list some of the things I believe are important to my health or anyone else. Especially anyone fighting dangerous health problems. These listing are not necessarily in any special configuration or importance. This is for cancer, lupus, fibromyalgia, MS, weight loss and any other diseases that plague mankind. Most doctors do not tell their patients about any of this information. 1. Eliminate all processed sugar. 2. Eliminate all white or bleached flour. 3. Eat all the leafy green vegetables you want to. 4. Eat plenty of fresh fruit. 5. Drink only purified water. 6. Cleanse or purify your colon. Also do a parasite cleanse. Neither of these two are expensive. You have probably heard that death begins in the Colon. 7. Eat no foods or drinks that contain Aspartame or Nutrasweet. These are excita-toxins. Some colas contain Splenda. Even Splenda or Sucralose is processed through chlorine. But beware that any of these colas will make your body acidic. A good Coral Calcium with Magnesium & Vitamin D will help to keep your body in a more alkaline state which is best for your health. Also vegetables & fruits help to keep you in an alkaline state also. Lemon juice is also a good alkalizer. 8. Most diseases including Cancer loves for the body to be in an Acidic condition. Cancer and many other diseases cannot "survive" in a high alkaline condition or in a high oxygen environment. 9. Some form of mild exercise such as walking is very helpful. We all tend to breathe too shallow and thus deprive our bodies of something that is absolutely vital. Not enough oxygen. 10. I actually bought me a mini-trampoline. This moves the lymph around. The heart pumps the blood but not the lymph. 10 minutes on a small trampoline is equivalent to walking or running 2 miles. Not for the Cardio. But, for the Lymphatic. The lymph has one-way valves and only movement will cause it to circulate and the force of the up and down jumping exerts tremendous benefits for the lymphatic system. Anyone with Lymphoma needs to consider this. 11. There are many herbal teas that are very beneficial and great blood purifiers. The one that I take is Essiac Tea. Essiac is spelled backwards for the name of a Nurse called Rene Caisse who used this to cure Cancer. 12. I use Succanat which is dehydrated Cane Juice. I use "pure" Maple Syrup and also Honey. Use sparingly. 13. The best thing I have found for a sweetener is something called Stevia. I buy the brand Stevita which we have found to not be bitter tasting. 14. I cut out all red meat, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken. In this country they are pumped full of steroids, antibiotics and hormones and this is still in the meat and even in the meat products. I do eat some fish and shrimp. But, even here there is concern for poisons. 16. I also buy some supplements like broccoli extracts, resveratrol and mushrooms and also antioxidant supplements. These all fight cancer and many other diseases. 17. My biggest use is three products. One is called "Essiac Tea". Another one is "All Day Energy Greens". The other is B17. It is also very important to take Pancreatic Enzymes to help take the protein off the Cancer cells so your killer cells can do their job. I also use Barley Grass powder and carrots. Also a whole food called Chlorella. I use Swanson's Kyoto Brand. For those with high blood pressure and high cholesterol I would recommend taking a couple of squares of Dark Chocolate a day and 4 to 6 ounces of Pure Pomegrate Juice. Keep monitoring your blood pressure until you can hopefully and safely cut back on your medcation. I hope this information helps you if you use any or all of it. If you have any questions or ever need me just email me. Genesis 1:29 and III John verse2


Good news folks! I had my 3rd Pet/CT scan Feb. 22, 2005 and when I saw my Oncologist on the 25th he said that compared to last scan in March 2004 that "Most" of my lymphnodes had shrunk. I was no longer anemic. My blood work was within normal range. Especially important was my RBC's were in normal range and that my Platelets had returned to normal range and that the lymphnodes he could feel were getting soft. He said he would see me in 6 months and not for a scan...just blood work. God is good and merciful. On 8-26-2005 I had blood work done and my blood work is still in good range. Will be scanned in 3 mos. and if anything changes I will consider Immunotherapy. Rituxan. This is not chemo but a way to target just the cancerours B-cells. Will keep updated. In Oct. 2005 I let them do a bone marrow biopsy and it came back 40% B-cell lymphoma in my bone marrow. Instead of being Stage III, I have been Stage IV all along. I decided to not do any treatments such as being part of a trial study at Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute. I still feel terrific & work full-time. UPDATE: October 2006. Had blood work done and still holding my own. Still working 8 hours a day and no medication. Update 10-20-2007. Still working full-time and still feeling top-of-the world. Update 11-26-10. Still working full-time. Update: My wife is now battling Ovarian Cancer. She went the route I went even though they only give her 6 to 12 months to live. She just finished up 6 months. They only give her 18 months with chemo and still die.

Would like to recommend another web-site with a touching story of a young man and his Mother and Father's love for him in his losing battle with Cancer.


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