The Life & Times of a Simple Man
This Life Isn't All There Is To It!
Peace Within The Storm
Hope Always Shines Through Faith
The Twists and Turns of this Life

I know there are thousands out there just like me who go about their lives with patience and perseverance and exhibit love for their families and those around them. I began my battle with Cancer Dec. 23, 2003. I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Stage III out of IV. I found out almost 2 years later that I have been Stage IV all along. I refused chemo the next week of Jan. 2004. I told my Oncologist I wasn't going that route. He made a statement to my wife and I that he had only known two other people who went the Natural route and they were miserable failures. Even though this made me a little angry I kept my feelings to myself. I don't know what these two people did or didn't do. IT DOES MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. I let them Scan me 4 months later and do blood work. My Dr. comes into the room and says to me. "Dale I don't know what you have done, but you have stabilized this." I had to bite my tongue. I almost said that it wasn't Chemo was it? But, I respect my Dr. and held my tongue. I had the best year of health in my life in 2004 and it has continued into 2013. I hope to put forth efforts to show and encourage others that might be faced with similar insidious diseases. I have found hope and strength in Faith in God and my own resolve that this can be cured. We put so much dead matter in our body and not enough living food. Natural food with "living enzymes" that help our "immune system". I will have more to say about what I have done in the last year and a half to keep my Cancer contained with the foods I eat, drink and some Natural remedies that are working for me. What has given me peace within is the fact that Win or Lose as far as this physical life I still win. I hope to see my 5 grandchildren baptized into Christ and grown with their own families. Lord willing, but if not then I accept that too. My Lord has been with me and my wife of 49 years through her Colon Surgery, Breast Cancer, my job loss of 29 years, to the Death of our oldest child. Our 35 year old son. He had 3 boys when he died. 16 year old. 10 year old and a 17 month old and his wife was pregnant with a little girl which he never got to see. I loved my son with all my heart, but when I look at my wife I know that (at least from my viewpoint) that there is nothing greater than a Mother's love, nor a Grandmother's love. Sometimes when I look into my wife's eyes I think I can see her soul. Only one love is stronger. God's Love.

My wife was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in June of 2012. The mass was as large as her bladder and attached to the bladder and intestinal wall. After 5 hours of surgery they had to quit and they left over 65% of that mass in there. They only gave her 6 months to a year to live if she "did nothing" and gave her a year to 18 months if she did Chemo and still die. She decided to follow my route. She is in a battle for her life. She just finished up 6 months Christmas. We did bring in Alive Hospice about 12 weeks ago and they had her on strong doses of morphine. 6 weeks ago my wife on her own come off all morphine medication and the Alive Hospice nurse told me she had never seen this happen before. She began 2013 morphine free. She does take some Dilaudid for pain flare-ups. So far she is still walking, talking and even driving. Folks hold your love ones close every day, not just Holidays. We have hundreds of people praying for us. We are all terminal and God will decide that for us. No Doctor can tell me or my wife that we are terminal.

Hope Always Shines through Faith

The Waters Return to the Sea
We Hope to Return from Whence We also Came
My Simple Back-Ground
Born in Sparta, TN. 1945. One of seven children. All seven abandoned by both Mother & Father at age 5. We all were sent to Tenn. Industrial School (TIS) in 1951 in Nashville, TN. Grew up there. Sisters on one end of the camus. My little brother and me on the other end. I still associate that day with 2 words. Terror & fear. Grew up missing the Love of a Mother and Father and the gentle love every child should rightfully have. You know something is wrong but keep it bottled up inside and just do your best with what life has dealth you. This wonderful school taught me values, patience and respect for others. I will always cherish that. I still think back now though to when I played High School football, basketball and all the things a young man wishes their parents could see and they never were there. Not even when I graduated. Not even when I married. Out of all seven kids I had the first Great grandchild. They saw him one time when he was 10 months old. They never saw him after that and he will be 27 in March 2011. It really was their loss. But someone said if they didn't care to raise you why should they care about your children or grandchildren? Made sense but still hurt. A counselor once told me to shut my eyes and go back in time in my mind as an adult and to find that young boy and to tell her what I saw. I shut my eyes and immediately pictured myself sitting in the 5th grade class in the 1st row, 5th seat back reading Jack London's book "White Fang". I was wearing the little State coveralls and wearing the little brown brogan boots. She then said for me to keep my eyes shut as an adult of 42 years and to go back there and to put my arms around that little boy and to tell him that someone loved him. When I did that I realized what she had done for me. The flood gates opened and I cried with joy. I rushed back through time and space and all the periods of my young life and told that young man he was loved, he was care for, he was always worth something. There is a merciful God. All of us kids loved and still do love Mom and Dad, even though they both passed on in the last 13 years. I guess we let go and held no grudges with a child-like faith that God gives to all of us.

Love Is Stronger than Hate!